B is for “Boris Karloff”


“The monster was the best friend I ever had.” – Boris Karloff

"Boris Karloff aka Frankenstein"

“Boris Karloff aka Frankenstein”


19 thoughts on “B is for “Boris Karloff”

  1. This is great and he was the best monster. My favourite tidbit is he was a very gentle man who loved gardening and, in between takes, he would go home to care for his garden in his full makeup. The neighbours were horrified and called the cops who came around and poor Mr. Karloff had some explaining to do but it all worked out well. I think this is great!! Very talented and will watch for tomorrow to

    • That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and the cool fact. I’ll be checking out all the cool stuff on your blog as well! Hope you enjoy the rest of my drawings on this challenge. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh lucky stars, I just clicked you randomly from the A to Z list and look how magnificent your portraits are. Boris Karloff – are you kidding me?!? He and the mummy were the ONLY scary shows (black and white, to boot) available when I was a kid. And now they have vampires in prime time! You deserve your own special treat for struggling to finish him; it is such a true portrait of his features as I remember him. Well -done!! And, of course, I could look at Audrey all day. Well I’m following you now, so unless you sic “Franky” on me, you’re doomed to see me every day in April.. Great work!! After April, when things quiet down, I will enjoy looking at your prior offerings. Sammy at http://bemuzin.com

    • Wow! What a wonderful and fabulous comment! Thank you so very much! That means a lot to me. You deserve a special award for awesome comments! So happy you enjoy my drawings! I will check out your blog and follow you as well my newest friend!

      • I am just so envious of artists – I know much of it is “learned talent”, but still. I’m 63 and just now beginning to dabble in writing and maybe-e-e-e some kind of drawing or painting, but I feel like I spun my wheels so long without giving myself permission to stop being the logical, practical and explore my creative side. So I will relish your portraits!

      • Ha! It’s never too late to start. I taught myself. Been drawing since I was 7. Your writing is great. And I’m glad you like my portraits!

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