Q is for “Anthony Quinn”

10276573_10203052432168335_689386403_nAnthony Quinn is a straight up OG.Β I know the homies in the back look very creepy, but that’s how the reference photo looked.

“Well, I mean, bread, I mean, I’ve got to have bread too to live.”- Anthony Quinn

Such an inspiring quote.

"Anthony Quinn"

“Anthony Quinn”

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12 thoughts on “Q is for “Anthony Quinn”

  1. This is a good one (am I ever not going to like your choice??). I always thought he was “hot” so I got a little quiver when I saw your header. Keep ’em coming. Better late than never πŸ™‚

  2. OK Great portrait with his look and I think you captured him really well. I had him for my Q post as well and I am not a lover of the man. he was a fantastic actor and could do anything but he was a real ladies man but he knew it. He used to talk quite a bit about all his conquests and he fathered many children until late in his life. I wrote, that he punched his first wife in the face on their wedding night when he found out she was not a virgin like he thought she was-ass-I wrote that in my blog too-Ass! Hahahahaha I have read this in more than one book and from his talking about women I could see it.

    • *raps “Ya see tha hood’s been good to me, ever since I once was a lower case G, but now I’m a big G, tha gurls see I got tha monay, hundred dolla bills y’all.”
      Yes! I’m so glad you love it!

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