R is for “Rita Hayworth”

Letter R

What do you think happens when both your parents are dancers and your grandfather owns a world famous dancing school in Madrid?  You get to be one lucky girl! This one was the first dancer featured on film to partner with BOTH Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly!  Not to mention being one of the top two “pin-up girls” during WWII.

“All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved.”  -Rita Hayworth

"Rita Hayworth"

“Rita Hayworth”

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4 thoughts on “R is for “Rita Hayworth”

    • Aw shucks don’t make me blush 😀 Thank you!! And I’m definitely thinking about it. Sounds bad ass! The problem is that I have to look at a picture to draw. It’s hard for me to draw something that I come up with in my mind. 😦

  1. She was such a great dancer and you captured her Gilda and I love how she is a little off to the right. She had so much happen to her from her dad sexually molesting her to being married so many times. I think she said “So many men go to bed with Gilda but wake up with me” something like that. She was the first to bring to focus the plight of Alzheimers disease which she suffered from. Most thought she was a drunk when, in fact, it was her memory. I have a soft spot for her

    • Geez that’s horrible. Sounds like everyone that I have drawn so far has had a pretty rough childhood. I didn’t know that at all. I have a soft spot for her too! She’s such a beautiful and talented woman. Thanks again for the info! 🙂

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