My bestie and I went to Atlanta for the weekend and I fell in love with the city. ATL was a really cool place to explore (I’ve never really been around ATL before). We stayed in a little cottage above a nice woman’s garage in Midtown (Airbnb is amazing, everyone should use it and never stay in a hotel ever again). We went to Ponce City Market, drank amazing beer and wine, sat on top of the roof top playing music off our phones and singing along out loud without a care in the world. No one seemed to care lmao. We went to the World of Coke, Civil Rights Museum, and Aquarium. We went to the farmers market at Piedmont Park. We visited Krog street tunnel which is a tunnel filled with graffiti and yes, it was DOPE. I love graffiti and Atlanta had plenty of it. We went to Five Points and shopped at a record store (Criminal Records) and another cool store called Junkman’s Daughter. Five Points was the sketchiest but coolest place ever. I couldn’t help but love it. It was literally nothing but graffiti, weird ass people, and weird but really awesome shops and restaurants. We ate at The Varsity. Go eat there. It’s really great. Then finished up the trip by eating at Ponce City Market in a place called Minero, a ridiculously delicious Mexican restaurant. Go eat there too.


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