Hangout Fest & Bonnaroo

I’ve been wanting to go to Hangout Fest and Bonnaroo for a long time now. This year I was finally able to. Hangout Fest was incredible, it was everything I expected and more. I went with some great friends and had an amazing time. I got to see some of my favorite artists: Big Grams, Alabama Shakes, The Weeknd, The Neighborhood, Leon Bridges, Run the Jewels, Fetty Wap, Lenny Kravitz, Courtney Barnett, Raury, and Florence and the Machine. We had a room down the street from the festival and my best friend and I rode our bikes to the festival and back every day (which was lovely). On Sunday, my best friend and I decided to purchase VIP tickets off Craigslist since people were selling them pretty cheap. We bought tickets off a ticket broker who was selling a VIP pass and a “Guest” pass. A Guest pass is apparently a pass that you can only get if you know a band. You get access pretty much anywhere in the festival. Hangout’s VIP area is completely bad ass. Free beer, free mixed drinks, swimming pools, hot tubs, special viewing areas, you name it. The guest pass allowed me to watch bands from the side of the stage which was amazing. Then I came to realize that I was allowed to go backstage to the artists area and ran into Lenny Kravitz and Brittany from Alabama Shakes along the way. I was stoked. I can’t even begin to describe how bad ass the artists area backstage was. I’m not even going to try. All I can say is that it was such an amazing experience and I thank my best friend a trillion times for letting me wear the guest pass.

Bonnaroo is a different story. We bought VIP passes for Friday only because we didn’t really want to camp and all of my favorite artists were playing on Friday (J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, Tyler the Creator, Bridgett Everett, Pete Davidson, Vanessa Bayer). We were thinking we would get free drinks (especially water), a VIP area, and special viewing areas. HAHA NOPE. Actually, we didn’t get ANY of that. I was so disappointed because I’ve always dreamed of going to Bonnaroo ever since I was in high school, and my experience there was 50% shitty and the other 50% was pretty good. Every single worker we talked to was rude and had no idea what was going on. Overall the performers were amazing, the festival itself was terrible. Moral of the story, never buy VIP tickets at Bonnaroo.

Biffs Big Grams Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz Leon Bridges Run the Jewels Courtney Barnett Tyler the Creator Tyler the Creator Tyler the Creator Tyler the Creator Bryson Tiller



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